During our course on DIY cosmetics, our skills gradually evolved from a very intuitive way of making skincare with fruits and vegetables, through to traditional herbal medicines and eventually to the science of modern functional ingredients.

Spa products are quite different from facial skincare. Practically-speaking, toiletries have a single precise function: cleaning. However, spa products should also appeal to all of our senses, especially touch, smell, and sight.

Modern cosmetic chemistry provides the industry with high tech functional ingredients that enhance SPA sensory experiences by offering sensational visual, tactile and fragrance dimensions in products.

When making our own cosmetics, we used some very interesting chemicals to create new sensory experiences and to raise the function of the product to new level.

For instance, when making a hydration mask, we used a polymer that creates a beautiful transparent gel that feels like cool water. Our body scrub was made of brown coffee sugar crystals and green avocado oil, adding a little hydrogenated oil to make our scrub very silky.

The same hydrogenated oil was also used for our hot hair oil.