Medicinal Ointments

Medicinal Ointments and Gels

Herbal medicine differs from pharmacopeia. Herbal extracts are complex mixtures of different active ingredients, sometimes containing hundreds. It is believed that the unique properties of herbs stem from the synergy of these actives.
Edible Cosmetics

Edible Cosmetics

Making skincare from food is a very intuitive process, requiring no precise measurements or strict rules. In fact, a whole skincare routine could be created just using food - from cleansers, exfoliators and toners to nourishing and anti-aging masks.
Introduction to Spa Products

Introduction to Spa and Toiletry Products

During our course on DIY cosmetics, our skills gradually evolved from a very intuitive way of making skincare with fruits and vegetables, through to traditional herbal medicines and eventually to the science of modern functional ingredients.
Dr Albert Kligman

History of Cosmeceuticals: Dr. Albert Kligman

Dr. Albert Kligman (M.D., PhD) is considered to be a founder of the cosmeceuticals field. He was a prolific scientist who spent many years studying the anti-aging effects of Tritinoin and retinol.